Liberating Integral Intelligence

The Coaching Centre is Africa's leading Coaching, Coach Training and Leadership Development Partner.



The Coaching Centre (TCC) has an 18 year history as a pioneer and leader in Coaching and Leadership Development both locally and globally. Under the leadership of Dr Paddy Pampallis, TCC forms part of the recently launched Integral U Africa Institute, an initiative to integrate leading theory and practice from Africa, the east and west, into a relevant and whole offering for integral human development. The Ubuntu Coaching Foundation (UCF), further serves our passion for integration through making coaching and leadership skills development accessible to communities and community organisations. 

The Coaching Centre has extensive experience in working with large corporations, government institutions, higher education institutions, parastatals and NGO’s. We are specialists in adult development, accumulating years of academic research and practical application into our proven methodology of Integral U PracticeTM which provides a Leadership and Coaching Navigational Map to support our clients. This Map of human consciousness can be clustered into four domains of experience known as Integral U Practice which presents an elegant worldview between Interior/Exterior and Individual/Collective.  This approach readies people to work with the complexities of our time through a simple and manageable mapping process that acts as a GPS for the coach, client, leader, team and organisation.  Our adult developmental orientation ensures that we create accurate points in which to gain insight, become aware, work with our blindspots/shadows, grow our capacity for maturity, open up our range of thinking and being, to ‘do human and business better’. 



TCC offers a range of consulting services, profiling assessments, development journeys and workshops in alignment with organisational needs. We assess and support culture change and transformation through:


  • Leadership effectiveness

  • Navigating Complexity and Change

  • Resilient leadership

  • Cultivating Leadership Maturity

  • Team Engagement

  • Developing High Performance Teams

  • Optimising Diversity 

  • Customised Programmes based on Organisational needs


We have spent decades fine-tuning the integration of the most effective way of working with human experiences, supported and informed by world-class authors, teachers and leaders through their work, direct experience and learning.

Our Coaching offerings include One-on-one Coaching, Team/Group Coaching, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching and Mentoring. We also offer Africa's premier Coach Training Programme, the Integral Practitioner Coaching Programme accredited by The International Coach Federation. 


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