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Leadership & Organisational Development

Our solutions portfolio offers a wide range of leadership and organisational development offerings, structured on the fundamental distinction between horizontal learning (conventional informational learning & skills development) andvertical learning (transformative and paradigm shifting development to grow the range of perspective and shift whole world-views to become more inclusive and integrated).  


How we get there is by using the underlying practice and philosophies of great coaching: listening from an open space; asking the right questions; getting multiple perspectives; being courageous to have the conversations that matter; building on learnings of the past (include and transcend) and crafting manageable and achievable outcomes in an incremental way.

Our world class faculty, products and methodology provide Integral Leadership, Organisational Development, Leader as Coach training and individual and team coach support solutions to meet organisations specific requirements. 

Internal Leader as Coach Programme


The Internal Leader as Coach programme focuses on the core skills of coaching, and integrates learning from adult learning, psychology, human development, business and systems theory. Through experiential learning, the delegates engage with highly effective ways to empower others through coaching conversations. This is designed to enhance the delegate’s current organisational role with high level coaching competency that results in coaching as a leadership communication style. This course  (customised from 2 days to 6 months) is designed for middle to senior level leaders who are looking for the edge in their leadership development and team performance. 

Integral U Individual, Team and Executive Coaching

Integral coaching assists leaders to develop self-awareness as a means to unlock intelligence and improve & accelerate individual and collective performance.  This is grounded on building leadership maturity through both vertical (transforming thinking) and horizontal (acquiring new knowledge and skills) planes. When combined with team/group coaching, working with team dynamics, problem solving, crucial conversation skills, and managing self within the interpersonal context is enhanced. The team/group develops a common language to navigate the complexity of their challenges and strategic objectives, whilst living the values of the organisation, and respecting diverse talents and strengths within the group.


Integral U Leadership Development


Our approach to leadership cultivates skilful means for leadership practice through a cutting edge developmental pathway for leadership effectiveness. Through consulting services, workshops or customised leadership development programmes, our approach offers the following outcomes:

  • Direct benefits into real time business challenges and opportunities 

  • Learning modules which address the full spectrum of leadership experience: self, relationship, culture, systems and environment 

  • Optimal integration for learning to access multiple intelligences, levels of development, leadership maturity, personality and organisational typing

  • The development of a common language for the leaders of the organisation to navigate the complex nature of leadership and business

  • Skilful conversations and dialogue tools 


Our services are categorised at three levels of delivery:

Transactional Level: horizontal skills development

  • Short courses

  • Integral U Individual coaching programmes (1-3 months)

  • Integral U Team coaching (1-3 months)

  • Foundational Leadership Skills

  • Team facilitated workshops – context specific (conflict, alignment, performance)


Transitional Level: moving beyond current roles, skills and      functions; a blend of horizontal and vertical learning in 2 or more  Integral U quadrants

  • Leader as Coach certificate programme (6 months)

  • Integral U Individual coaching (3 - 6 months)

  • Integral U Team coaching (3 - 6 months)

  • Integral U Assessment Centre: individual, team and organisational diagnostics

  • Team facilitated workshops – context specific (conflict, alignment, performance)


Transformational Level: a vertical and fundamental shift to a  new level of meaning-making and impact in all 4 Integral quadrants

  • Integral U Leadership Development Programme (1 year: a developmental leadership programme) 

  • Integral Practitioner Coaching (IPCP)

    • 14 month ICF certified

  • Integral U Strategic Alignment Consulting

  • Leadership Maturity Development and assessment

  • Integral U executive coaching

  • Integral U Individual Coaching (6-18 months)

  • Integral U Team Coaching (6-18 months)

  • Integral U Mentoring and Supervision programmes

      We offer a range of Assessments:

  • Integral Inquiry: a specialised interview and assessment process into organisational and/or team trends in thinking and behaviour across a developmental overview.

  • Integral 360:  an integral 4 quadrant approach to assess competencies with regards to self, others, culture, behaviours and environment.  The organisational leadership competencies are integrated with this.

  • Maturity Assessment Profile: to ascertain levels and stages of adult leadership development, complexity thinking and ability to take concomitant action (Harvard)

  • Enneagram 5 Lens Personality Assessment

  • ESQI – assessments (Emotional/Social Intelligence)

  • Barrett’s Culture Survey 

Our expanded portfolio of offerings results from specialisation partnerships that we have built over the years. All of our partners are trained in the Integral approach and have specialist backgrounds or current positions in areas that need to draw on particular expertise. This includes but is not limited to: Working with Boards, Health and Wellness, Career Guidance, Executive Education design and delivery, Resilience and Agility, Polarity and Complexity training, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Mentorship, Team Performance, Leadership Maturity ...


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