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ICF ACTP Accredited Programme

Integral U Coach Training

The Coaching Centre offers a legacy-rich, premier coach training programme designed to develop coaches, leaders who coach, and individuals who would like to embark on a programme of deep transformational learning relevant to their lives and current skill sets. 

The Integral Practitioner Coaching Programme (IPCP) is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP). The school stands on the shoulders of global thought leaders and was the first school to be founded with the pioneering faculty of the first professional doctorates and masters graduates in executive coaching. This has provided a powerful base of theory, research and practice upon which to build our current offering.  

Entering a Coach training pathway with TCC means the practice of mastering the ability to hold multiple perspectives through deeply skilled facilitation. Students and delegates benefit from the fact that the faculty are all leaders in their own fields of work, who have embarked on their own journey of transformation and evolution over the years. They bring to the student multiple perspectives of knowledge and experience through a process of adult learning, research, and continuous feedback loops between students, coaches and their coaching clients. All have prior academic and professional qualifications in the field of business, medicine, psychology, marketing, education, economics, and have been leaders of business, media, health, education and government and many have been part of pioneering coaching and its standards and practices into Africa.  

Decades of work have shown that to effect deep change one must first look within.  The quality of our coaches is spoken about in that there is something ‘different’ in the being of our alumni when they go into the world.   This difference is not directly tangible but it is ‘felt’ at a very deep level as the work is based on Bill O’ Brien’s words (CEO of Hanover Insurance) 

             'The success of the intervention is dependent on the quality of the interior of the intervenor'

We work from the inside out and our students are expected to do the work that enables them to not ‘talk about’ coaching but ‘become’ a coach. 


We offer Integral embodied and developmental coach training that affords an international professional accreditation in coaching, with ongoing pathways for continued learning and development in integral practice, theory and application. From our IPCP programme there is a direct path to a Masters in Coaching and Mentoring from the University of Wales.

What our Students say ...

"Nothing can prepare you for what you will experience over the course of this 12 month programme. It is truly transformative. You will leave with a deeper understanding of self and of others. On a personal level you will leave with tools that will help you constantly evolve as a human. On a professional level you leave with not only a formal coaching qualification that is internationally recognized, more importantly you leave with your own coaching model which you will uniquely craft over the 12 modules to match your own personal style and skillset and create a space for each and every one of your clients to truly create real embodied change in their lives”  (Dave)


This is the Rolls Royce of Coaching on the African Continent. I feel privileged to have completed this life changing journey. And the fact that it has now been made available online - wow!!!  (Lana)

The degree to which you will explore and discover yourself, your purpose, your strengths and those shadowy parts of yourself that you prefer to ignore or suppress, equips you for holding clients as they embark on their own personal journey of transformation. The beauty of the Integral process is that it teaches one to develop the skill of looking at the whole person through the lenses of who we truly are, how we show up in the world, the quality of our relationships with others and how the systems we inhabit influence - and are influenced by - us. The programme is conducted in an interactive and experiential adult learning environment with each module facilitated and hosted by experienced facilitators, each one established in their field. (Colleen)

IPCP Modules

The Fundamentals of Integral U Coaching Practice


Change Perspectives


Coaching Presence


Coaching to Way of Being


Coaching in Diversity


The Interpersonal Space


Models and Frameworks


Integral Health


Coaching Psychology


Coaching and Resilience


Integral Systems


African Wisdom


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