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Integral U Methodology

While there are many references to Integral leadership and Integral coaching in the world, our lineage evolves from the ground-breaking work and theory of modern-day philosopher, Ken Wilber, whose work brilliantly brought into a framework  a composite of human experience through our stages of growth and development.  

Dr Paddy Pampallis, CEO of TCC, has re-orientated Ken Wilbers 4 Quadrant model to include the U process which represents a deep dive into the self, with a journey of letting go to emerge on the other side. The U process also presents a visual image for a container, which allows for the birthing of the creative, transformational self through Integral practice.  


The re-orientated approach includes Freuds Iceberg theory as an accessible way of accessing vertical and horizontal development. 

Our unique methodology of Integral U Practice™ is the best known framework for understanding the full spectrum of human consciousness and development; providing a platform for vertical and horizontal development in all fields of human activity.

This methodology enables and brings to the foreground the understanding that while diversity in wholeness is generative, divisiveness and forced separations lead to breakdown, isolation, and abuse of resources both human and environmental. As a human species we have to engage in #doinghumanbetter (Integral African Conference 2019)  and the framework provides a powerful map to identify the exact points that things are not working, creating an accessible pathway towards re-generation and flourishing.  We have included essential parts of a layered approach of U-theory as it applies to personal and collective transformation.  We include conventional performance and skills enhancement, to working with deep change through truly transformative practice, resulting not only in a head knowing and unconscious skill, but supporting the growth of independent and importantly, inter-dependent thinking and collaboration at levels of possibility.

Integral Africa


As we work in Africa, we have included and integrated our African leadership and essential humanitarian principles into this work.


The wisdom of Africa is often a missing part in the western dialogue of integration and transformation processes in a global domain.  Our faculty, advisors and teachers support us in an integration and embrace of the north and south, and east and west as a whole. The rational dominance and privileging of rational and male processes has traditionally neglected the space of the heart, soul and deeply feminine aspects of engagement. The world has much to learn from this and the co-creation, co-development, and co-evolving ways of how we can be together on this planet, in a community, an organization, a team, a family, are not separate from the success of nations, business and individual endeavours. This enables a powerful meta-framework in which detail can be addressed and held.



Why Integral?

  • ​It is the only approach currently known that includes all aspects of human experience and consciousness through a body, mind, spirit/purpose, planet approach.  The map is used to include the very many diverse parts of human consciousness as they come together in a composite map which is quite exceptional and elegant in its ability to assess, discern, and creates relevant points for intervention. 

  • It includes the interior and exterior (subjective and objective) realities of individuals and collectives, in its four quadrant approach.  This holds the many theories of human experience in its physical, biological, behavioural, psychological, social and environmental dimensions and as such can be applied to leadership and adult development across business, education, health and spiritual dimensions. 

  • Integral Health and Wellness, particularly in the age of COVID-19, is a core component as while objective research is necessary the understanding of bio/psycho/socio/eco components to making changes in people’s lives is critical from research, policy implementation and practice right on to changing people’s attitudes and practices.  The field is vast and complex and needs a simple mapping to hold this complexity without complicating issues.  


Having a map that provide simplicity to navigate through the many challenges and complexities is essential. Integral refers to inclusive, holistic, comprehensive and developmental.   We have taken this theory and introduced elegant practices to support leaders in building their capacity for complexity thinking and perspective taking.  

NICS PIC 2018-05-06-PHOTO-00000152.jpg
  • It can be applied to individual development, to teams, to whole organisations which offers a common ‘language’ in which the diverse and rich languages of meaning and culture can be held in one frame.  Each point of view is valid and the work is to ascertain what is the most viable point of accessing the fullest potential in the wisdom of the whole – not just one.

  • In addition, it looks at human development as an incremental growth process with people exhibiting various levels of complexity thinking: therefore, approaches to health interventions would benefit from a developmental approach and understanding. This enables us to meet each person at the stage and capacity of their life’s journey, while accessing multiple intelligences towards their journey of growth and expansion.  

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